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1. 最喜愛嘅 ecostore產品係 ?



2. 點解鍾意用 ecostore 呢個品牌?

好多原因。我自己本身皮膚非常敏感,所以真係唔係任何產品都適合我用。ecostore 個人護理同清潔產品嘅清潔成分安全,加上功效一流。我另外特別鍾意樽嘅設計同包裝。我一向都盡量減少一次性塑膠嘅消耗,有時亦都唔太肯定塑膠係唔係真正被回收再造。所以,當知道 ecostore 嘅樽係用甘蔗製造,我真係好開心。


3. 你嘅小朋友用緊我哋嘅咩產品?

三歲嘅哥哥,最愛佢嘅兒童牙膏(我都係)。佢仲每晚都要求喺佢沖涼時加入 ecostore泡泡 (兒童泡泡浴)!


4. 用ecostore產品時有冇得意嘅經歷想大家分享?

我對漂白劑等化學物質非常敏感,如果我離漂白劑唔到一米,我就會即刻咳。 ecostore多功能清潔噴霧對清除油脂完全有效,對我同小朋友一樣咁安全。


5. 你點樣將ecostore產品加入你日常健康護理嘅程序度?

我哋所有個人護理產品都轉晒用 ecostore – 例如洗手液同牙膏,而且我都開始改用番梘沖涼。我真係希望我住喺其中一個 refill 站附近,但幸運地,透過網上商店,ecostore 可以將產品(由其係大 size) 直接送到你屋企!


想同大家分享你嘅ecostore 故事? 電郵比我哋啦。


1. Which is your favorite ecostore product?

I love pretty much everything from the children’s range! Especially the skin and bath products! I have a toddler and a newborn baby, so am extremely conscious about what chemicals they are exposed to! We absorb so much through our skin, so I only want the cleanest and safest products for my little ones!


2. Why do you love our brand?

Numerous reasons – the clean ingredients and effectiveness of the skincare and household cleaning products because I have really sensitive skin! I especially love the innovation when it comes to the packaging! I am always trying to reduce our single use plastic consumption, and can’t always trust that our plastics are recycled properly. So, the fact that the packaging is repurposed sugarcane is just amazing!


3. What does your little one think about our products and what did they use?

My eldest who is three years old, loves his fluoride free toothpaste (and so do I). He also requests the ecostore bubbles in his bath every night!


4. Share an interesting experience while using ecostore product?

I’m very sensitive to chemicals like bleach, and instantly cough if I’m within a metre of the stuff! The ecostore multi-purpose cleaning spray is totally effective at cutting grease, and safe for me and the kids!


5. Share some tips with us on how do you incorporate ecostore products as part of your wellness and self care routine?

All of our cosmetics have changed – hand soap, toothpaste, and I’ve converted to the bar soaps. I really wish that I lived close to one of the re-fill stations, but luckily ecostore sells the bulk-refills that can be delivered to your doorstep!


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