ecostore 媽媽之星 – Carmen | Mums of ecostore – Carmen

1. 成為 ecostore fans 年資? 超過5年。

2. 最喜愛嘅產品係 ? BB 泡泡浴

3. 點解鍾意用 ecostore 產品? 唔好以為環保產品的清潔力會比含化學成化的清潔用品差。一定要親身試過先知道有幾好。

4. 有咩產品使用心得? 起初我會將洗碗液擠到海綿上去洗碗, 但係洗咗幾隻之後又要再擠過, 擠極都唔夠。而家我會將少量洗碗液開入一盤水度, 就可以用嚟洗晒成堆碗碟, 又慳咗好多洗碗液喇!

想同大家分享你嘅ecostore 故事? 電郵比我哋啦。


1. How long have you been using ecostore products? Over 5 years.

2. Which is your Favourite product? ecostore Baby Bubble Bath

3. Why do you love our products? They just work as well as other big commercial brands, but it is toxic free. You’d fall in love with ecostore products once you have tried them out!

Share a tip on using our product? When I do dishwashing, I used to pump the dish wash liquid on the sponge to clean the dishes under running water. However, the bubbles ran out after a few dishes and I had to use more liquid again. Not only that, the oil and dirt didn’t get fully washed away. Later on, I discovered a better way, which is by pouring a small amount of ecostore dish wash liquid into a bowl of warm water. That way I could finish washing the whole pile of dishes in the bowl without leaving a stain. Afterward, I rinsed them with clear water. That’s way more effective and saved so much dish wash liquid.

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