10 most asked questions about ecostore haricare bars

10 most asked questions about ecostore haricare bars

Are you looking to reduce waste in your haircare routine? With the haircare bars that we launched last year, you can certainly go plastic-free with your haircare. No plastic bottle, no soap, just concentrated and hair-loving ingredients to the bottom of every bar. We understand that the concept of haircare bars is not yet mainstream in our city, and trying them for the first time may feel uncomfortable for some. As opposed to “looking complicated”, using haircare bars is actually extremely simple. Whether you are considering a switch, new to using them, or have used them for a while, to help you to get more familiar with our haircare bars, we have put together a list of FAQs we think you might enjoy reading.


Q1: How do I use an ecostore haircare bar?

As solid bars are concentrated and don’t contain water, we recommend thoroughly wetting hair first, then swiping the bar directly around the hair or lather in hands. Massage thoroughly and rinse well. It may take a few washes to find the right amount of lather or number of swipes depending on your hair type and length. Less is more. It may take a little longer to work product through the hair with solid bars. Remember to massage the scalp well – especially if you have thicker hair. Solid Conditioner Bars work the same way as Shampoo Bars but may take a few more seconds to spread through hair, thanks to their concentrated blend of plant-based oils and conditioners.


Q2: What is the packaging made from and is it recyclable?

The cardboard carton has both PEFC and FSC chains of custody certification and is recyclable through kerbside collection.


Q3: How many washes can I get out of a bar?

We estimate around 60 washes per bar. This calculation is based on average liquid shampoo use of 10ml and the concentration of ingredients in our bars versus our liquid shampoos and conditioners. Your experience will vary depending on your hair length, type, and how you use and store your haircare bars.


Q4: How many bottles is one Shampoo or Conditioner Bar equivalent to?

We estimate one bar is equivalent to between 1.5-2.5x 350ml bottles of shampoo or conditioner – or approximately 60 washes, depending on your hair type and length.


Q5: What if my hair doesn’t like it?

Many mainstream shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic silicones designed to make hair feel smooth and slippery, building up on the scalp and weighing hair down. Meanwhile, harsh shampoos strip the scalp’s natural protective oils, causing it to overcompensate with excess oil production. Our Haircare Bars help your hair break this cycle. But it may take a few washes to adjust, before your scalp rebalances, synthetic residues are fully washed away and you start to see the full benefits.


Q6: Is it just a kind of soap?

No, our Shampoo Bars are 100% soap free. Soap has a typical pH of 9-10 and can make your hair feel rough and dry. Our shampoo bars have a pH 4.5-6 – which is kinder to your hair and won’t strip away your hair’s natural oils. Instead of soap, we use a base made from Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, which is derived from coconut and creates a luxuriously rich lather. Our Shampoo Bars also contain highly moisturising glycerine which is excellent for the hair and scalp


Q7: What is ‘mild pH’ and why does it matter?

Our Haircare Bars are soap-free and have a balanced pH of between 4.5 and 6 – similar to skin’s natural pH level of around 5.5 – making it very mild, non-drying, kind to skin and scalp, and suitable for chemically straightened, curled hair, coloured and/or bleached hair. Soap, on the other hand, has an alkaline pH of around 9. 


Q8: How should I store my bars?

It’s a good idea to store each haircare bar in a well-draining soap holder to keep it dry between uses. 


Q9: Are your Haircare Bars vegan?

Yes, all ingredients in our Haircare Bars are made from plants and minerals.


Q10: Why is there just one Conditioner Bar?

Our concentrated Conditioner Bar has been specially formulated to contain nourishing ingredients that are suitable for all hair types and won’t weigh hair down.


It has been reported that many of our customers have fallen in love with our haircare bars after a few uses despite having some doubts before trying them. There are only four steps to remember: lather, massage, rinse, and store between uses. You would be reluctant to revert back to using haircare products in bottles once you’ve gone plastic-free and seen how much plastic you have saved. We hope that this article has been useful and inspiring for you to consider embarking on a plastic-free haircare journey.

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